LCD ad players for affordable digital signage.

Indoor digital signage is common place, the most affordable solution is an LCD ad player, these store the multimedia on a local drive and play it in a set order that the user selects.

There are some limitations, yet the advantages outweigh these. Many companies start using digital signage with this basic product, as it ticks most of the boxes a business owners has in terms of digital advertising and is a perfect way to start getting to grips with the new type of advertising.

Size of display for your indoor digital signage solution.

LCD ad players for advertising

Ranging from 26” up to 75” LCD ad players are widely available, yet depending on who you purchase them from, the price varies enormously. In the dynamic advertising industry, the large the screen the better, but there is a price trade off. The most affordable and most common is either the 46” or 55”, these can be mounted on a wall in either a horizontal or upright position. All you do to change the orientation of the media is use the onscreen menu to change the orientation of the media!

Media storage on LCD ad players.

digital signage LCD ad players

These standard units come with a built in media player that can take a memory card, the card stores the content and this where some people have a hang up. The memory card can be 64GB and store hours of advertising content, but the real truth is that this content would rarely be seen in its entirety. It is best to have 60 second ads that are looped every minute, so you can arrange a set of ads marketing 10 of your products that are shown multiple times every hour.

Drawback is that you cannot use Flash presentations on a USB media player without any conversion, in its raw state. Yes using compression converters, a Flash advert can be converted with little if any loss and then copied onto the LCD ad player. Separate network enabled media players will take Flash files in their native form without any compression, but these are more expensive and usually the next step up from the basic LCD ad player.

How green is digital signage?

These LCD ad players have the facility to set when the display will start and when the digital signage hardware will switch off. So if the offices hours are 9 till 5, you could set the scheduling software that is built in to start at 8:50 and end at 5:05. Saving valuable energy and reducing your corporate carbon footprint.

For an affordable solution, you are best shopping around for your digital signage hardware, including LCD ad players.

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