Businesses hiring digital signage?

With businesses needing to promote their brand and services, more are turning to hiring digital signage hardware, rather than buying them outright.

Every company has to advertise to generate interest in the products, services or brand. We have seen traditionally businesses advertise in local papers (and still do), but with the digital age, business owners are turning towards digital signage to promote their company.

hiring digital signage

Why hire digital signage equipment?

One question Digital Signage Systems Limited is asked, is; ‘Why would you hire the hardware?’ Just for a minute, think what would happen if you committed your company cash to a product that you found was not right. That money would be wasted…

Now imagine, you are not sure what digital signage hardware you want to hire, the choices are so wide, from free standing, wall mounted to even interactive. And they are all available in screen sizes from 32” to a whopping 65”.

Then you have to consider how the adverts will be refreshed with new ones, is this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

So let us look at a check list for hiring digital signage hardware.

• Screen size?
• Free standing or wall mounted?
• Interactive or non-touch screens?
• Manual or remote updates of content?

Now by hiring the digital advertising hardware, you can try the manual updates and at this early stage, change it to a networked solution with very little hassle or price increase. If you had bought the wrong size screen, you would have to live with it, until you could afford to do something about it.

Now your business advertising, no matter if you call it dynamic advertising or digital signage, can be tweaked until everything is perfect for your business. Without wasting a single penny on hardware decisions that you may come to regret.

Tax advantages of hiring digital signage hardware.

There are many advantages of hiring digital signage hardware; cost of ownership is one of the main ones. This is rather cost effective, as it is not a business asset it is on a hire agreement and can be on a short or long term hire.

Rather than paying tax on assets, you can claim the cost of hiring digital signage hardware against your profits, a win-win situation! But check this out with your accountant.

If you have these on a short hire for 12 months, you can update to the latest technology without having to buy more hardware and being left with the legacy hardware. Your clients would perceive your company as very forward thinking, especially as they are investing in new technology and may want to be associated with a forward thinking company.

But at the end of the day, we do not have to share the trade secret of hiring digital signage hardware.

Indoor digital signage hardware.

Digital signage has been rather successful indoors, enabling companies to portray their business as an environment of a modern office. Investing in their future, is this something you are doing?

Customers view of indoor digital signage.

No matter if it is a new client or an existing customer, when they visit your office premises, it has been reported that if you have some form of digital advertising hardware, they perceive your company as a forward thinking company that invests in technology and they in turn want to be associated with you.

indoor digital signage

Indoor electronic advertising hardware.

Anything with a screen and a media player can be classed as digital signage, yet the most successful solutions are the ones that have built in media players so content can be updated regularly, quickly and simply.

They can be wall mounted, in either upright or horizontal, depending on the content you wish to promote. You may want to promote additional services the company offices, such as accountants offer investment services, but do not promote it enough to make people aware of this service they offer.

Also free standing advertising hardware is used in locations when indoor digital signage is needed to establish a brand or improve brand awareness. The content is controlled either using a basic ad player, the next level of product includes a networked control player, and so the ads can be monitored and controlled, without limitations. So you can control ads in countries thousands of miles away.

Cost of indoor digital signage.

Costs vary from $500 to $1500, depending on the solution required and if the content is controlled remotely or locally. Business owners have seen a fast return on investment for their digital signage installation.

Interactive indoor digital signage is increasing fast.

indoor wayfinding digital signage

Interactive digital signage is seeing a large increase in use, as this is one way a company can engage with consumers to find out what they want from the brand or company. Interactive digital signage comes complete with a built in computer that has internet connectivity, allowing remote control. Perfect for use in hotels, conference centers and business centers.

Screen sizes are range from 42” to 65” depending on budget and location.

Hotel indoor digital signage is used to promote the restaurant, bar and leisure facilities to guests. They can even use the interactive displays to ‘express checkout’, without queuing at reception. Saving the guest time and making the guest experience a pleasant one, at the same time freeing up employees time at the reception.

Indoor digital signage can be used to promote, educate and entertain guests and customers. Depending on the organizations budget a solution can be found effortlessly.

Are you looking to increase your brand awareness, indoor digital signage can help.

Why digital menu boards are key.

Would you hand the keys to your business to a trainee in your company that is the first to see and greet a customer? This is why digital menu boards are so important for a Quick Serve Restaurant.

Imagine the scenario, a customer enters your restaurant and is met with the front of house staff that has a bad attitude as well as experiencing a bad day, they bark, ‘would you like to go large?’ This is off putting and rather than upsell the customer, you are more than likely to put them off, so they never return again.

This is why it is essential for your restaurant to have digital menu boards, as Mr. Koury a restaurant owner and digital signage provide explains.

Mr. Koury has installed many digital menu boards in Wendy’s in the South West as well as owning a QSR in Texas, he explains that in a retail sales environment, customer service is key, provide a positive customer experience and they will come back, provide a negative customer experience and they never return, yet will tell all their friends of the bad experience they had.

digital menu boards

Digital menu boards success over employees.

The retail food sector relied on suggestive up selling and selling as a whole, when you have an employee who is not interested in your brand or product, they are harming your brand! But digital signage hardware ensures that customer engagement is successful, giving the franchisee and franchisors the ability to influence the buying decision, by using digital menu boards.
It is essential to have the correct mix, the correct technology with the correct content. This is one of the main factors when a digital signage solution fails.

Take your restaurant to the next level.

Ernest explains that you need digital signage to take your restaurant to the next level. With consumers expecting technology every place, you have to provide it to ensure the consumers come through your door.

He is part of a family of franchisees, with his dad and brother also owning franchises in the same brand, Ernest added digital menu boards and found that his outlet increased in customers over his pops and brothers outlets and he also saw his profits increase too, larger than any other outlets the family owned.

His initial look at costs for 3 digital posters was in cess of $17,000, yet his pizza outlet only sold pizzas at 5 bucks! So he challenged his staff to come up with a solution for $6,000.

Ernest points out the following, to make a digital menu board success.

  • Do not use a media player that has to have internet connection – if the connection is lost for any reason, you will not sell food! Go for something that is standalone.
  • Is your brand and message clear on the electronic menu boards?
  • Provider – ensure they understand your business, what you want to achieve and in what time scale.
  • Incorporate video as well as images, this helps sell the product and increase brand awareness.

Electronic menu boards works!

When he opened up another outlet in Albuquerque, he discovered that the sale of chicken wings was extremely low. He had the management team create a video clip less than 10 seconds into the digital promotional board. This video clip looped every 120 seconds stating, ‘Chicken wings – don’t for them!’

In 14 days the restaurant saw the increase of chicken wing sales by 5 times the previous amounts, with no other promotional material.

Source: for digital menu boards.

ProEnc Projector enclosures

Projector enclosures used outdoors for promotions.

Using projectors outdoors to display ads for special deals and future events, this is why ProEnc projector enclosures are being used, it allows the business user to use the wall to advertise their events and deals and has an almost immediate return on investment.

Idea behind using outdoor projectors.

With a high lumen digital projector, you use the full side of a building to advertise your product or services, to passers-by. They see that you either have a special drink deal on, ‘2 for 1 during happy hour’ or they see the future event when you have a guest DJ, mixing some tracks on the dance floor.

They then can call in and take advantage of the 2 for 1 drink offer, while booking tickets for the guest DJ event. That way, the bar wins hands down.

How is it done?

Well the projector can either be in a window looking at the wall, or the projector can be located on the roof near the wall, housed in an outdoor projector enclosure. The choice is down to budget and if you have a window that is overlooking the wall.

Advantages of the window.

As you can imagine, this is the most affordable and will only cost you the electricity to run the hardware. But normally for example in New York, it is rare to have a window facing a solid brick wall. This may rule this option out.

Advantages of ProEnc outdoor projector enclosures.

These ProEnc projector enclosures are weatherproof, so can be left out all year. They are equipped with special heating and cooling systems that work in extreme temperatures. From sub-zero to boiling hot temperatures of 145 Fahrenheit! These units are fitted with special filters on the air intake to ensure no harmful dust or dirt enters the housing in the air. And at the same time keeping insects and bugs out of the projector!

ProEnc Projector enclosures

Controlling the projector.

If the hardware is in a window that you have access to, you will have to walk to the room and then switch the hardware on and off every time you use it, some people are cool with this, but it may take 15 minutes twice a day.

Now ProEnc projector enclosures can be fitted with a device that allows the user to switch the hardware on and off with the remote control from within 100 feet, without having to physically go to the projector. This can save time and allows the business owner to carry on running his business, so projector enclosures may have their place.