Outdoor projector enclosure and why use them.

One of the main reasons people use an outdoor projector enclosure, aka an outdoor projector protection housing unit, is to extend the life of a display projector, when situated outside. Taking into account a number of factors which affect the life span of a regular projector (i.e. not an expensive rugged model), will ensure the very best for using it for entertainment or DOOH – digital out of home advertising. These projectors can cost a significant amount of investment, so why not protect it from the elements and damage?

Many factors to impede on the deployment of a projector range from:

  • The weather – no matter which US state, or indeed where in the world the projector is, it needs protecting.
  • Damage – accidental or through vandalism.
  • Foreign bodies – insects and dust particles invade any aperture, consequently rendering the screen useless.
  • Heat and direct sunlight can affect the viewing screens’ performance.

Not just extremes of weather can affect the workings of a digital screens – for example the lowest temperatures of Alaska to the highest temperatures of Arizona, but every temperature in between can cause havoc. Components expand causing parts to melt or misaligned – therefore a loss in connectivity, but a thermostatically controlled cooler and/or heater will control the fluctuating temperatures and keep the unit in an ambient atmosphere. By fitting a weatherproof projector housing will also ensure the hardware is properly protected whilst in a wet state like Washington, which is reputed to be one of the wettest states, yet prime for outdoor advertising!

Is an outdoor projector enclosure the best option?

projector enclosure

Outdoor projector protection is crucial for any successful advertising campaign; outside venue, i.e. music or sports, retail mall; advertising promotions on the outsides of building and even casino or theater publicity. Where we were once used to seeing static poster billboards, electronic signs came along, but technology has progressed even further to state of the art projector usage. This reduces the need for a visual display screen, which lessens the risk of damage, as only one piece of hardware is required – projector and media player encased securely in an outdoor projector protection case.

An outdoor projector enclosure is specially designed to withstand a significant degree of damage and vandalism, which will always be an issue. From the fully welded construction of the metal casing, to the selected viewing window; one chosen to suit its environment, like a sun-bright area. There is a perfect balance of ventilation/cooling/heating, again as the location requires and it if fully secured against breaking into, due to the exceptional security locks. Vandals or thieves are discouraged from breaking into the unit in order to steal the hardware, as the window is smash-proof and the locks are high security specialist locks.

So weighing this article up, in conclusion it is both sensible and practical to use an outdoor projector enclosure to secure against the weather, damage, liquid and dust ingress, whilst providing a valuable tool for DOOH advertising.

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