Anti ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures

Many hospitals are deploying anti ligature non-looping TV enclosures to project the hardware installed and at the same time provide protection for the staff members and patients.

Why use anti ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures?

These protective housings are designed to prevent unauthorized access to the television, so these are ideal for use in behavioural as well as psychiatric units. If someone accesses the hardware, they can use the mounting bracket at the rear of the TV to loop material around and hurt themselves and in some instances have caused death.

In North America recently a head nurse was attacked with a broken TV screen and had her neck slashed, resulting in the staff member having extensive time off work, being unable to return to work the nurse had to make a claim against the medical center which cost them in excess of $500K.

Using anti ligature non-loop TV Enclosures prevent access and stop these challenges occurring, enabling the patients to recover in a safe and secure environment, yet the nursing staff are also working in a safe environment.

anti ligature non-loop tv enclosures

What makes anti ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures?

The idea behind anti ligature non-loop TV enclosures is that material cannot be looped around to form a ligature in which a patient can harm themselves. The only design approved with the US Federal Mental Health Department is one from ProEnc, the simple reason is their product has undergone extensive testing with mental health department and passed on all points.

Yet the competition think that by putting slopping tops onto the enclosures transforms them into anti ligature non-loop TV Enclosures – how wrong they are! These are as dangerous as using a square unit, they provide no protection.

One such competitor offers a plastic solution, that is so badly manufactured it takes around 45 minutes for a skilled engineer to put it together and then the plastic side panels and front are all scratch (in transit). Any slight impact and the housing falls apart, take a look at the video below.

The best anti ligature non-loop TV enclosures from out tests.

We found that the ProEnc anti ligature non loop TV enclosures were the most robust, well made, solid unit. With high security locks and a sophisticated cooling system that others seem to lack. They have a syphon system should anyone pour fluid into the housing through the air flow system without affecting the electronics inside.

Anti ligature Non-Loop TV Enclosures can save lives, are you prepared to put a price on someone’s life?

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