Behavioral units and TV protection.

Through human compassion, we expect a duty of care for the welfare of people held in a medical facility and patient protection in behavioral units, as they are particularly vulnerable.

The term ‘protection’ encompasses many aspects of care for a wide range of age groups, but focusing on behavioral institutions. Everything from chairs to taps, electrical fittings to television screens are potential hazards. A common form of patient self harm is by hanging – creating a loop from material and using an object like a piece of furniture to hang from. Wall mounted television screens have been partly to blame on several occasions, however a solution has been used to allow patients to have safe access to a television screen.

Behavioral units rooms.

An inmate’s room is functionally kitted out with practical non loop furniture which includes non loop door handles and non loop TV housing units; also known as anti-ligature enclosures. Standard door fixings can be unscrewed with make-shift tools and used as weapons or the screws can be swallowed to cause deliberate self injuries, so a design solution has replaced the dangers, likewise non loop furniture is contoured for comfort, yet practical for cleaning, with very few parts to cause injury to the patient or a member of staff.

Not only is a television a heavy and expensive electronic piece of furniture, but it can be a lethal weapon in the wrong hands. The screen can be broken and shards of glass used to slash arms and necks; to both the inmate or member of staff. The wiring has the potential of being used as a loop for hanging and the weight of the TV monitor is another issue. Besides the expense of a replacement and the disruption causing a situation, and then an engineer to reinstall the television, is it better to protect it in the first place? The protection of a non loop TV housing unit offers a metal surround, with sloping sides, which eliminates the possibility of hanging and has a toughened safety viewing window, which will not shatter. The sound and volume can be heard perfectly well through the vented sides. Additionally, a sound bar can be added to the unit, depending on the requirements and degree of non loop needs.

Patient protection for behavioral units.

behavioral units

Television is an acceptable part of everyday life, as it can be seen as informative, educational, social and entertainment. Is it a luxury or a necessity? Some institutions have communal television rooms, supervised by members of staff, whilst other places allow individuals to have a television set in their room; again, it depends on the degree of mental state of mind. Institutions and staff have a duty of care and responsibility for the welfare of its inmates, for their own safety, as well as others.

Many solutions are out there to protect patients in behavioral units.

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