New concept – transparent digital signage case.

Electronic advertising is way beyond the average imagination; a transparent digital signage case – increasing your brand awareness, and the evolution has been so dramatic that even just a decade ago such features could not have been conceived. Creating a spectacular backdrop of a theatrical proportion is being introduced in places like shopping malls to encourage brand recognition which leads to increased revenue. This scenery offers multiple screens – anything up to 800 screens with over 200 channels to choose from, with the sole purpose of displaying a huge range of products and offers to influence buying decisions. One of the most clever and effective exhibits is a transparent box display, where overlaid digital content is projected from above. The product, perhaps a bottle of perfume, is securely within the transparent cabinet; but the logo, brand colours and text is projected onto the clear sides and top of the box.

Learn how a transparent digital signage case works.

transparent digital signage case

Combining a tangible product with transparent digital signage is an innovative and unique form of advertising. This plug-and-play option was introduced because retail customers and suppliers wanted a technical, yet easy-to-use digital advertising display which gives the consumer both options of seeing the product in 3D, yet with technology of the script being in a digital format. This way brand awareness can be featured many times – far more than with the traditional form of static poster advertising. Other features included within the transparent showcase are a colorful array of LED lighting and an infra-red touch screen connected to a HD media player. As the display cabinet is a structure, one of the most important features can be clearly visible – the LOGO for brand recognition.

Another way of featuring the transparent digital signage case, is through a vending machine. As all the products are housed behind a transparent screen, this makes it a perfect platform for projecting images and text on to, or the clear screen is actually a see-through touch screen panel. This form of advertising is so effective, it is claimed that by 2015 it will be worth an estimated $900 million. Both store front window displays and showcase exhibits are suitable for transparent digital signage. There are 2 layers to transparent digital signage;

  • the tangible product in the background
  • digital signage overlaid onto the showcase cabinet

Whether it is a promotional message, creating brand awareness or a commercial, it is only a matter of a few years, where the face of the malls store fronts will change from mannequins with printed prices, to projected images of the products, in this example clothes, alongside the 3D mannequin is an overlaid advertising campaign of text. This form of the digital signage market may be in its infancy, but watch this space…

This relatively new technology is increasing in high end stores, who are prepared to invest in their inventory. But the cost is more affordable than you think. Next time you are an airport, see if you can spot a transparent digital signage case.

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