Indoor digital signage hardware.

Digital signage has been rather successful indoors, enabling companies to portray their business as an environment of a modern office. Investing in their future, is this something you are doing?

Customers view of indoor digital signage.

No matter if it is a new client or an existing customer, when they visit your office premises, it has been reported that if you have some form of digital advertising hardware, they perceive your company as a forward thinking company that invests in technology and they in turn want to be associated with you.

indoor digital signage

Indoor electronic advertising hardware.

Anything with a screen and a media player can be classed as digital signage, yet the most successful solutions are the ones that have built in media players so content can be updated regularly, quickly and simply.

They can be wall mounted, in either upright or horizontal, depending on the content you wish to promote. You may want to promote additional services the company offices, such as accountants offer investment services, but do not promote it enough to make people aware of this service they offer.

Also free standing advertising hardware is used in locations when indoor digital signage is needed to establish a brand or improve brand awareness. The content is controlled either using a basic ad player, the next level of product includes a networked control player, and so the ads can be monitored and controlled, without limitations. So you can control ads in countries thousands of miles away.

Cost of indoor digital signage.

Costs vary from $500 to $1500, depending on the solution required and if the content is controlled remotely or locally. Business owners have seen a fast return on investment for their digital signage installation.

Interactive indoor digital signage is increasing fast.

indoor wayfinding digital signage

Interactive digital signage is seeing a large increase in use, as this is one way a company can engage with consumers to find out what they want from the brand or company. Interactive digital signage comes complete with a built in computer that has internet connectivity, allowing remote control. Perfect for use in hotels, conference centers and business centers.

Screen sizes are range from 42” to 65” depending on budget and location.

Hotel indoor digital signage is used to promote the restaurant, bar and leisure facilities to guests. They can even use the interactive displays to ‘express checkout’, without queuing at reception. Saving the guest time and making the guest experience a pleasant one, at the same time freeing up employees time at the reception.

Indoor digital signage can be used to promote, educate and entertain guests and customers. Depending on the organizations budget a solution can be found effortlessly.

Are you looking to increase your brand awareness, indoor digital signage can help.

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