Projector enclosures used outdoors for promotions.

Using projectors outdoors to display ads for special deals and future events, this is why ProEnc projector enclosures are being used, it allows the business user to use the wall to advertise their events and deals and has an almost immediate return on investment.

Idea behind using outdoor projectors.

With a high lumen digital projector, you use the full side of a building to advertise your product or services, to passers-by. They see that you either have a special drink deal on, ‘2 for 1 during happy hour’ or they see the future event when you have a guest DJ, mixing some tracks on the dance floor.

They then can call in and take advantage of the 2 for 1 drink offer, while booking tickets for the guest DJ event. That way, the bar wins hands down.

How is it done?

Well the projector can either be in a window looking at the wall, or the projector can be located on the roof near the wall, housed in an outdoor projector enclosure. The choice is down to budget and if you have a window that is overlooking the wall.

Advantages of the window.

As you can imagine, this is the most affordable and will only cost you the electricity to run the hardware. But normally for example in New York, it is rare to have a window facing a solid brick wall. This may rule this option out.

Advantages of ProEnc outdoor projector enclosures.

These ProEnc projector enclosures are weatherproof, so can be left out all year. They are equipped with special heating and cooling systems that work in extreme temperatures. From sub-zero to boiling hot temperatures of 145 Fahrenheit! These units are fitted with special filters on the air intake to ensure no harmful dust or dirt enters the housing in the air. And at the same time keeping insects and bugs out of the projector!

ProEnc Projector enclosures

Controlling the projector.

If the hardware is in a window that you have access to, you will have to walk to the room and then switch the hardware on and off every time you use it, some people are cool with this, but it may take 15 minutes twice a day.

Now ProEnc projector enclosures can be fitted with a device that allows the user to switch the hardware on and off with the remote control from within 100 feet, without having to physically go to the projector. This can save time and allows the business owner to carry on running his business, so projector enclosures may have their place.

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