What is tradigital marketing?

Tradigital marketing is a term used to combine and integrate traditional spaces, like retail shop floors, with state of the art digital technology. Digital signage has the power to up-sell any brand or product, if displayed with dynamic content and displayed on a innovative digital poster. Think beyond the traditional methods of marketing and embrace the digital revolution.

A digital platform within a traditional setting is at its best when positioned at the PoS (point of sale), which ‘entertains’ customers waiting in line to be served. Having the product close at hand is part of the package; you wouldn’t want your customer leaving the line to pick up the promotion elsewhere in the store – he may not return to make the purchase. Much thought has gone into ‘wait warping’ – the associated waiting time for a customer to be served, so impulsive buying is encouraged by means of a commercial played on a digital monitor. Once the tradigital marketing package has been installed and is working efficiently and effectively, the cost efficiencies and return on investment (RoI) can be seen. It is also a productive way for the sales team and shop floor management to gauge effectiveness and make change or alterations to displays, mannequins and customer interaction.

So, how can digital signage help your business on a daily basis? Printing thousands of posters and promotional literature costs a lot of money; much of it is wasted, as stock changes rapidly, paper becomes ripped, it is quickly out of date and a time consuming process – from concept to printed completion a lot can happen in between times as this could take weeks. Whereas the content displayed on a digital poster takes a few hours to prepare, is easy to alter or update and there is no waste – environmental or time. As the digital platform can be networked, a chain of stores will each receive a digital copy of the advertisement, without missing deadlines, time penalties or ‘lost in the mail’ problems. And what if there was a printing error?, well it would be back to the printers…. but this way, just at the click of a few buttons, the error is rectified – very efficient.

Is tradigital marketing affordable?

Resources cost money, but after the initial investment, time will recoup that investment with additional/add-on/up-sell sales. Many thousands of dollars can be saved on printing costs, distribution invoices and employee costs, every time you replace a static poster with a digital display screen. How would your customers receive the new format of digital advertising? From subsequent research, the reviews have been very positive. Many of us see digital signage often and even several times a day – would customers choose your shop because of your investment into digital signage or go next door, who display the traditional ad posters? Connecting with customers is crucial for a sale, the customer feels valued and part of the brand, so brand awareness is key to a successful advertisement campaign.

tradigital marketing

So next time you are in the mall, be aware of those stores integrating digital signage technology and just see how busy they are, make sure you are aware of the tradigital marketing hardware.

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