Digital signage in hotels.

Finally, the hospitality industry are embracing the 22nd century technology and adopting digital signage as an opportunity to meet, greet, inform and up-sell products and services; generating an additional income stream, as reported by Digital Signage Today.

By placing a way-finding screen in the hotel lobby or just outside the door, it enriches a guests experience, provides a location map, entertainment for commercials and informational material, as well as providing the virtual services to be expected at a quality hotel.

Needing reliable digital signage is what most markets are looking for, not just hotel chains. But finding quality at a cost effective price is unique. One of the requirements should be a HD industrial grade screen, which can reliably cope with the riggers of running 24/7/365, be robust enough to cope in high foot traffic areas, yet look stylish and suit the surroundings and meets the needs of the customers.

Hotel digital signage  – uses.

hotel digital signage

Accommodation facilities are constantly searching for effective methods of assisting guests navigate around the establishment, whilst seeing current events and conference facilities and promoting brands and products for added sales. Digital signage is a perfect platform for delivering the message, whilst in a modern frame, which appeals to the many demographic who use the facilities. It easily targets key messages to particular areas of the hotel, for example the leisure facility, where memberships can be advertised. Restaurants, hotel lobbies and even convention or conference centers have the potential for additional sources of extra income. The investment of a digital signage solution was previously very expensive, however prices have decreased, which makes a more attractive proposition. There is also the offer of free software accompanying the hardware – which is often included as an all-in-one solution. Many hospitality venues can now afford to invest in large format digital signage because of the flexibility of installing a variety of screens.

Way-finding, particularly interactive way-finding empowers your guests to be self sufficient and navigate the property including the on-site amenities which are all add-on sells. Conference, wedding and events are easily managed and displayed on a digital signage poster, so a customer or client can identify dates and facilities; it can be seen as a digital diary, with a few adverts for local businesses thrown in. Communicating with guests is a key element to a successful booking and a returning customer, but there are times when the customer does not need to contact the front desk, particularly if there are queues, so giving the customer the opportunity to seek information is in a way a virtual concierge, working 24/7. Now you know what is expected of hotel digital signage.

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