Using digital retail shelf signage.

It is possible to have a ‘conversation’ with a digital retail shelf signage – albeit a one way conversation! Digital screens are adaptable, which gives many options for suitability. From size and orientation; these electronic screens fit a variety of environments.

Small store owners don’t have the room (floor or wall space) to install a large LCD or LED screen, however a small 10” screen is ideal for eye-level communication; direct with the customer. Either a single advertising campaign for one product – looped, is broadcast or a series of product or brand advertisements featured at scheduled times. This is also known as point-of-purchase (POP) or point-of-sale (POS). Every product and every store has a ‘story’ to tell and getting the message – in this case the advertisement – across to the consumer is the biggest part. Enhancing the customers shopping experience will encourage them to return and make further purchases. The positioning of the screen will provoke the consumers thoughts and the message will trigger their action. The content plays a very important part too – a dynamic and engaging commercial will attract attention and ultimately create additional revenue.

Prominent ways to display digital retail shelf signage.

digital retail shelf signage

  • A long slim screen can produce a panoramic video – different than the standard rectangular screen
  • A series of small screens, scrolling from left to right, between product shelves is very eye catching
  • Either stills or animated images are suitable
  • Text and graphics are easily noticed and read at eye level
  • The immediate surrounding area of the screen is a perfect opportunity for brand promotion with printed boarders featuring logos

Giving the customer control and empowerment of their own decision making is key to how and what they buy; and how many. The benefit of shelf-level digital signage media is not only convenient, but an alternative method of advertising and communicating with customers. A shelf video strip advertising screen, cuts down on unnecessary signage which just confuses the customer and focuses them on a particular product. The quality of the screen is still very high, despite the small size. They certainly feature what you would expect from a media screen, like; full color, high definition and can include QR codes and special promotional vouchers, sent to your smart phone to redeem in store. Long gone are the printed ticker-tape style of marketing, to be replaced with electronic digital slim line screens. As internet or on-line shopping continues to rise, the store owner will have to move with the times, in order to keep up with trends, including electronic directions, to be able to compete.

Where space is an issue, smaller digital signs fit perfectly into a niche area, giving a product or brand its own dedicated space for advertising.

Understanding how digital retail shelf signage works is essential to get the most out of it.

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