Digital signage hire – interested?

When it comes to investing in advertising hardware, which is a more cost effective option for digital signage; hire or buy?

  • Let’s look at some scenarios, options for both digital signage hire and buying digital signage.
  • How permanent/temporary is the display going to be?
  • How accessible is the location?
  • Is it for a dedicated campaign or a shared advertising billboard?
  • How much would a system cost and will there be a RoI?
  • Is there any tax relief with regard to buying or hiring digital signage?

Why digital signage hire is increasing.

Hiring digital signage suits many applications like music venues, pop-up locations; shops and restaurants where a permanent screen is just not an option. Hiring the hardware is just simply ‘plug & play’. As long as there is an electrical socket, then the media screen will have power. The content can be loaded via a USB or connected to a media player – depending on the model. The size of the screen does not necessarily affect the decision to buy or hire as many digital signage hire businesses provide all the necessary lifting and fitting by specialist engineers (for an extra cost which should be factored in for both digital signage hire or outright purchase). Is the advertising campaign to be broadcast indoors or outdoors? Both can be catered for in hiring as well as buying.

digital signage hire

If the screen is to be used by a number of advertisers, i.e. at a shopping mall, then it would be more economical and cost effective to buy the digital signage, rent out time segments to other advertisers and have a supplementary income.

One plus point to consider with regard to hiring, specifically, is the hardware is likely to be replaced, as per the contract, to upgrade to a newer model, more regularly than purchasing outright. Whilst a year’s guarantee against a defective screen; parts and labour is the norm, additional insurance should be seriously considered against vandalism and accidental damage – some accidents are unforeseen, like a heavy object falling onto it. Insurance is a must for either option, but the likelihood of a replacement screen is quicker through a rental agreement. Bearing in mind the option of digital signage outright purchase, there is the possibility of tax relief for investing in new technology, which may not be the option with hiring the kit – check with an accountant for up to date regulations. On the plus side of hiring digital signage means there is no commitment other than the nominal length of time of the contract arrangement yet on the other side, the success following the hiring, may lead to buying digital signage, as longer term projects tend to have more effect.

If a trade show or temporary event requires electronic promotional material, then digital signage hire is the answer, but if an indefinite time scale is planned, then the solution is to buy digital signage; weigh-up the options and ask your supplier for advice and practicality.

Hope this article was of interest and given you some insight into why to use digital signage hire rather than buying.

Businesses hiring digital signage?

With businesses needing to promote their brand and services, more are turning to hiring digital signage hardware, rather than buying them outright.

Every company has to advertise to generate interest in the products, services or brand. We have seen traditionally businesses advertise in local papers (and still do), but with the digital age, business owners are turning towards digital signage to promote their company.

hiring digital signage

Why hire digital signage equipment?

One question Digital Signage Systems Limited is asked, is; ‘Why would you hire the hardware?’ Just for a minute, think what would happen if you committed your company cash to a product that you found was not right. That money would be wasted…

Now imagine, you are not sure what digital signage hardware you want to hire, the choices are so wide, from free standing, wall mounted to even interactive. And they are all available in screen sizes from 32” to a whopping 65”.

Then you have to consider how the adverts will be refreshed with new ones, is this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis?

So let us look at a check list for hiring digital signage hardware.

• Screen size?
• Free standing or wall mounted?
• Interactive or non-touch screens?
• Manual or remote updates of content?

Now by hiring the digital advertising hardware, you can try the manual updates and at this early stage, change it to a networked solution with very little hassle or price increase. If you had bought the wrong size screen, you would have to live with it, until you could afford to do something about it.

Now your business advertising, no matter if you call it dynamic advertising or digital signage, can be tweaked until everything is perfect for your business. Without wasting a single penny on hardware decisions that you may come to regret.

Tax advantages of hiring digital signage hardware.

There are many advantages of hiring digital signage hardware; cost of ownership is one of the main ones. This is rather cost effective, as it is not a business asset it is on a hire agreement and can be on a short or long term hire.

Rather than paying tax on assets, you can claim the cost of hiring digital signage hardware against your profits, a win-win situation! But check this out with your accountant.

If you have these on a short hire for 12 months, you can update to the latest technology without having to buy more hardware and being left with the legacy hardware. Your clients would perceive your company as very forward thinking, especially as they are investing in new technology and may want to be associated with a forward thinking company.

But at the end of the day, we do not have to share the trade secret of hiring digital signage hardware.