Understanding Digital Advertising Is Essential For Business development.

With so much electronic media around us, is it any wonder why digital advertising is so successful. At every ATM, there is a little screen promoting a food product, retail stores displaying branded clothes and special offers and even the top of a taxi; with a commercial for the latest blockbuster on stage! Where will it end, or will it ever end? The possibilities for digital signage are infinite as it is a universally accepted media platform.

An Evolving Media.

The growth of digital advertising over the last decade, has beaten predicted figures and is certainly an investment to seriously consider. The explosive growth of the industry has developed new ways of engaging customers. Data research and biometrics are in-depth and complicated, as there is so much information gathered and which is relevant. But for a specific product or brand to reach its intended target audience, conclusions must be drawn up from the information collected. Facial and gesture recognition, input data via a keypad or touch screen, as well as sales information all add up to a successful commercial campaign.

Ingenious and Integral Digital Advertising.

As part of the interior of the store, architects and designers are integrating digital signage screens into the theme of the shop floor and even if the foot print is tight, there are ingenious ways to deploy the monitors without losing costly square footage. Not only are they key promotional features, but can also act as infomercials, with everything from way-finding to dynamic messaging, through to clear and accurate emergency exit routes. Also external information, like the weather, traffic congestion or car parking restrictions. Not only is an electronic LCD/LED screen used, but a projector can be a financial alternative, as it is more maneuverable than a fixed screen as long as there is a clear wall space on which to display the image, although it is not necessarily a wall, but any smooth surface; a floor or ceiling is just as good – depending on your audience.

Younger people shopping for trendy clothes would appreciate ‘alternative’ forms of advertising, however older people go for more traditional forms, like portrait digital posters. The aesthetics of a store are equally appealing as the merchandise and how it is laid out. Whilst digital advert screens need to be noticed, they should be subtle, so as not to draw attention away from the commodity. It won’t be long before every store has at least one digital signage screen to promote offers and specials, as well as branding recognition.

transit digital advertising

Getting the balance right between three key points:

‘Retail Strategy’

  • The Customer
  • Brand Marketing
  • The Retailer

It’s a fine balance, but using the right electronic equipment is crucial, to ensure that any digital advertising campaign is a success.

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