What type of digital signage viewers are you seeking.

Did you know there are basically just three types of digital signage viewer? The ‘Passer-By’, The ‘Lounger’ and The ‘Waiter’.

Depending on your product, service or trade and the location of the digital sign will significantly appeal to a certain demographic of the population. Here, we will look at three specific types of viewer and how to appeal to them through your advertisement. Take any busy railway station in the world; where millions of pairs of eyes are scanning the area for information. The lay-out is the key to a successful ad campaign to engage the audiences within the captive area.

transit digital signage

The Passer-By digital signage viewer.

The average viewing time for a passenger on the move is between 1-30 seconds, so very brief
The best locations would be near an entrance; wall mounted or ceiling hung, along corridors and the entry and exit of the train doors.

Plain and uncomplicated layouts with basic information like the date/time stamp and simple graphics which a persons memory can just take a ‘snap-shot’ of. Do not include video, ticker info or non-essential data, like the weather report. Keep it short!T

The Waiter signage viewer.

Typically, this person will have a brief wait (for their train) of around 30 seconds to 3 minutes – ample time to read a dynamic digital sign.

Additional options for suitable locations; short queue lines at counters and QSR

  • Short videos and infographics, brief messages, slogans and logo recognition; anything easily recognizable and which will leave an ‘imprint’ on the brain.
  • Slightly more creative visual arrangement of screens; blocks of 2 screens with date and time stamp and/or weather report. Ticker advertising may also be appropriate

The Lounger

A longer viewing time of up to 30 minutes.
Ideal display screens in reception areas, restaurants, social areas, especially where there is seating
No restriction on lay-out or how to display/how many screens to display – a greater complexity of the arrangement.
Additional content of live TV for longer waiting time areas.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, but a little thought and planning will deliver an excellent advertising campaign.

Knowing this what viewer do you attract to your digital signage?

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