Why digital menu boards are key.

Would you hand the keys to your business to a trainee in your company that is the first to see and greet a customer? This is why digital menu boards are so important for a Quick Serve Restaurant.

Imagine the scenario, a customer enters your restaurant and is met with the front of house staff that has a bad attitude as well as experiencing a bad day, they bark, ‘would you like to go large?’ This is off putting and rather than upsell the customer, you are more than likely to put them off, so they never return again.

This is why it is essential for your restaurant to have digital menu boards, as Mr. Koury a restaurant owner and digital signage provide explains.

Mr. Koury has installed many digital menu boards in Wendy’s in the South West as well as owning a QSR in Texas, he explains that in a retail sales environment, customer service is key, provide a positive customer experience and they will come back, provide a negative customer experience and they never return, yet will tell all their friends of the bad experience they had.

digital menu boards

Digital menu boards success over employees.

The retail food sector relied on suggestive up selling and selling as a whole, when you have an employee who is not interested in your brand or product, they are harming your brand! But digital signage hardware ensures that customer engagement is successful, giving the franchisee and franchisors the ability to influence the buying decision, by using digital menu boards.
It is essential to have the correct mix, the correct technology with the correct content. This is one of the main factors when a digital signage solution fails.

Take your restaurant to the next level.

Ernest explains that you need digital signage to take your restaurant to the next level. With consumers expecting technology every place, you have to provide it to ensure the consumers come through your door.

He is part of a family of franchisees, with his dad and brother also owning franchises in the same brand, Ernest added digital menu boards and found that his outlet increased in customers over his pops and brothers outlets and he also saw his profits increase too, larger than any other outlets the family owned.

His initial look at costs for 3 digital posters was in cess of $17,000, yet his pizza outlet only sold pizzas at 5 bucks! So he challenged his staff to come up with a solution for $6,000.

Ernest points out the following, to make a digital menu board success.

  • Do not use a media player that has to have internet connection – if the connection is lost for any reason, you will not sell food! Go for something that is standalone.
  • Is your brand and message clear on the electronic menu boards?
  • Provider – ensure they understand your business, what you want to achieve and in what time scale.
  • Incorporate video as well as images, this helps sell the product and increase brand awareness.

Electronic menu boards works!

When he opened up another outlet in Albuquerque, he discovered that the sale of chicken wings was extremely low. He had the management team create a video clip less than 10 seconds into the digital promotional board. This video clip looped every 120 seconds stating, ‘Chicken wings – don’t for them!’

In 14 days the restaurant saw the increase of chicken wing sales by 5 times the previous amounts, with no other promotional material.

Source: http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com for digital menu boards.

Interactive Digital Signage Solutions.

Who would have thought that interactive digital signage would move so quickly, since the launch of touch screen smart phones, the industry has been pushing interactive or touch screen technology to ensure the adverts engage with the viewers, now there are multiple solutions on the market, so let us look at some.

Pizza Huts Interactive Digital Signage Pizza Table!

Well we have all seen it now, this is a table that you are sat at, then you choose you’re topping s for your pizza pie, order it and then whilst you are waiting for the pie to cook, you can play interactive games on the table, perfect for time warping! One drawback I can see is that there is no interaction with staff at the restaurant, you could go out on a date and not even speak – good in some instances I suppose! The interactive digital signage table enables the customer to choose; the size of the pie, the toppings, the crust options, the portion of cheese they want and much more.

When is a digital signage kiosk, not a kiosk?

Well the quick and simple answer is, when it is used with a tablet device to provide digital signage, these tablets have touch screen displays so they are interactive. The tablets have a type of kiosk housing around them to make them look as though they are an integral free standing kiosk. These are being installed and used at many tourist locations, due to the effectiveness and affordability. Now all the cabling is kept hidden inside the housing as is the network connection to the tablet. The data is streamed through internet updates to provide, fresh, new content.

Outdoor interactive digital menu boards.

We have all been through the drive through diner, now all you need to do with one Quick Serve Restaurant chain is to check out the queue inside the outlet and if you do not like the look of the length of the queue, you can order through the outdoor digital menu board that has a touch screen, it is NEMA 4 and provides all year round protection from the weather and is also vandal resistant. These interactive digital signage solutions are ideal for this environment. Then go and collect your meal from the pedestrian collection point, screens of 47” are used and they have a high bright, back lit LCD display that is 2,500 candelas, bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight.

Now the weird and wacky – An interactive bus shelter!

interactive digital signage

By Bus Stop Wizard

These interactive bus shelters, allows people to play games on the displays hen waiting for a bus, these look cool but we can see a problem in the future, with many teenagers hanging around the bus shelters putting other people off using the public transportation. Would you want to hang around listening to them? I know I would not. The displays by Bus Stop Wizard are 72” in size and perfect for outdoor use, they are certainly vandal resistant and weatherproof. Content updates are carried out using 3G ad players, so content updates should never be a challenge again.

More information on interactive digital signage hardware including touch screen displays can be found at http://www.digitalsignagetoday.com/topics/interactive-touchscreen/