Out of home advertising – OOH

Digital Signage is a mind blowing concept, but let’s streamline the facts down to learning 5 tips for out of home advertising success.

  • Short but sweet
  • Keep it relevant
  • Be imaginative
  • Include your contact details
  • Target audience

So, where to start; well you know what you want to advertise, but keep it short and to the point – several words is enough to get the message across with out the audience falling asleep, or worse, walking away! Consider how long people will have to catch your advert; maybe it is at a road junction, or on a side walk? Media companies can offer a variety of screen sizes, so deciding which suits your product or demographics will ensure a more productive financial result. Not every advertisement will suit or please everyone. And definitely – big is not always better!

What is OOH (Out Of Home advertising)

Keeping it relevant may be common sense, but look around at other outdoor digital signage screens. Do they include useless pictures – why does the real estate agent have her dog with her? It detracts from the main point, in this case selling houses. Also keep the colors applicable. OK so you like bright green, but does your ad campaign really need everything highlighted in bright green? Keep it professional looking, even if you are appealing to a young market – children and teens are smarter than we give them credit for.

It doesn’t have to be boring; do be imaginative and creative. At least be open to ideas if suggested by a professional media consultant. So much more can be created with the technology available for both the software and hardware. Do you want a touch screen, to be interactive with your potential customers? This is another digital advertising option. As ‘out of home digital signage’ covers all electronic screens (LED, LCD, plasma, flexible video walls, tiled video walls and kiosks) which run adverts outside of the house – in other words adverts other than on the household television. Digital signage boards are more sophisticated the that traditional poster billboards and can be conjured into magical art form which has an influential message.

digital advertising display

Why do to all that trouble of time and expense and forget to include where the customer can buy your product or even where to find your website! It is one of the most common errors – no telephone number or other call to action. You don’t need to insult your customers intelligence by telling them to phone, but do give a clear number or email address, or be extra sophisticated and use a QR code, which when accessed via a smart phone, will connect the customer directly to your website – a step closer to making a sale…

indoor advertising hardware

Adverts running on a schedule is a cost effective way of ‘sharing’ advertising space. Rent a time slot, as the software running the content is set to operate during a particular time – are you aiming at children (after school time), people on their lunch break or grandparents – during the day at a shopping mall? The frequency of ads hold the key to a successful promotion campaign.

Wikipedia have an indepth article on out of home advertising, so check it out.

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