Heard of lamp-less projectors?

We all know that Christie laser projectors are the leaders in the field for high end projectors; we see them moving away from the traditional bulb method, to lamp-less projectors. Discover why below.

Lamp-less laser projectors advantages.

lamp-less projectorsJust like LCD displays killed the CRT display market, laser is stepping up their attack on the projectors that use bulbs. These laser projectors have been around for a while, but not really classed as mainstream. These audio visual devices ensure they provide a more vivid imagery whilst ensuring that the running costs are much lower. One of the main reasons schools, colleges and universities are turning to them as a standard. Some traditional manufacturers of these units are fighting back with increased warranty periods and an unlimited amount of bulbs in the same period, this is a riposte to the laser projectors.

Lamp-less projectors disadvantages.

The main disadvantage is that with any new product, they are always expensive as the development costs have to be built into the sale price. This is why it is usually best to wait a good 12 months for purchasing any new product that is launched. Two reasons for this, the first is to let the manufacturer resolve any bugs in the software or production and the second is to let the price settle in the market. Just check out the below points on upgrading the Sony 4K units.

Sony launched 2 years ago their new 4K projector, model VPL-VW1000ES at a cost of $24,999, compared to the model VPL-VW1100ES that is priced at $27,999. So if you want the same functionality of the new model you will have to invest a further $1299.

So should you upgrade? Well if it was my money and I had committed that much I would, otherwise you will not be able to project video at 60 frames per seconds, due to the lower processor.

Is hiring a 4K projector an option?

Well it is now; a company called Barco will rent out for almost any period a 4K projector, which has 35,000 lumen. This now helps with costs as you do not have to invest in the outright purchase, you may be able to put a portion of the hire costs against your taxes, but your accountant is the best one to advise on this. These projectors are used for hospitality and events, so hiringĀ  lamp-less projectors is now an option.

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