OOH – Out of Home Advertising.

Finding out how out of home advertising can significantly increase your businesses revenue; but how do you market products now using the latest technology?

Digital marketing encompasses many forms of electronic devices; from cell phones, through to huge LCD ceiling hung screens. Even ATM’s and games consoles are joining the evolution of electronic marketing.
At the moment there is a combination of traditional and digital marketing transmissions, but it’s only a matter of time before all we will see is an electronic screen.

out of home advertising in mall

Out of home advertising technology.

Digital marketing has been around since the early 1990’s, but with the evolution of technology, which continues to move at a rapid pace, the next two decades have become more sophisticated in their effectiveness of promoting products and brands to the consumer, which has developed in relevance and attitude. Statistically, 2012 and the following year have shown that digital marketing has remained as one of the top growth industries and shall continue to do so for many years yet.

Digital marketing is also a term relevant to on-line and internet based sales and promotions, however it is also a recognized for of media and out of home advertising. Many people are now familiar with the common term of digital marketing and we are now expecting to see it in our busy lives, on a daily basis.

Whilst digital marketing is a platform for promotions and brand awareness, there are other purposes electronic marketing has; pricing can be altered at the click of a button, distribution no longer is a logistical nightmare and the effectiveness of the simplicity of both the software and hardware appeal to many organizations. Once there is creative content, it is just a case of uploading it to the screen and pressing play! Research shows the statistics taken from digital marketing are beneficial to future ad campaigns; the demographics studied by facial recognition, hand gesturing or simply by data input by the consumer all add up to a cost effective and direct marketing campaign. Many strategies are based upon brand management, brand licensing and brand identity; customers are more likely to make a purchase for a well known soda, with it’s logo and coloring and slogan.

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So where would you see this kind of digital advertising? Products are marketed onto digital screens in shopping malls, sporting arenas, food stores, fuel stations, galleries and virtually any area where there is heavy foot traffic, for hundreds upon thousands of pairs of eyes scan the screen, soaking up the information as they recognize a brand.

So, in your quest for understanding how out of home advertising works and how do you market products now, contact any of the lead solution providers, for professional advise and examples of how digital signage has benefited many businesses, who are forward thinking companies…

Advertising out of the home is here to stay, only the businesses using out of home advertising will succeed.

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