Is house of worship digital signage effective?

Ministers and parishioners a like question if house of worship digital signage is effective, once they try it; they question how their place of worship grew without them in the past.

Some people like change – some hate change, this is life and a place of worship is no different. I personally have over 15 years’ experience part of our local Church and found that the elder members of the congregation did like to embrace technology, one guy, I will call John helped me set my iPhone up!

Yes a place of worship is a sacred place, so installing anything that is not usual has to be given careful consideration. Because at the end of the day; you do not want to upset the congregation.

Benefits of house of worship digital signage.

These range from updating the calendar of events, for the following weeks and months. This can be done in seconds, compared to having to set the printer up and then clean the toner – what a horrible job! To update the information on the displays, you just need is to store the new update on a thumb drive and insert it into the port of the media player.

Celebrating life – when someone is taken from the community and we have permission from the family, their details can be shown on the sign, so we remember them in our prayers.

Births – the same can be said for births and christenings or naming days, they can all be displayed for the community that frequent the place of worship to see.

Raising fund target updates – need to see if the house of worship has achieved it target for charitable giving?


One major misunderstanding is that people have seen similar electronic signs in shopping malls that display adverts, in a house of worship information is displayed, period.

The solution.

For house of worship digital signage, there are many hardware solutions that can be either wall mounted or floor standing, depending on the locations demands. The most affordable solutions range in size up to 46 inch screens.

house of worship digital signage

Fundraising, a subject not to be discussed.

One solution we came up with was a monthly printed magazine that was distributed to the community and the congregation. But local businesses want to advertise; we had an unexpected repair for the heating system, so I approached the local businesses and offered them some ad space on out electronic notice board that was at the front of the house of worship.

We approached the 40 advertisers who all took up the offer at $100 per month, in a matter of 2 months; we had additional businesses wanting to promote their services to the congregation, from florists to taxis. Now the church makes a monthly profit just from the business adverts of $6780. The ads are only displayed after the churches information is delivered electronically on the displays, all triggered by a sensor.

Religious places of worship can benefit from electronic signs, this is why house of worship digital signage is growing well.

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