Does your digital signage have it?

An Asian developer and provider of digital signage solutions, and technology leader in the development of software for the digital signage industry, have just announced the integration of software which specifically measures the audience activity as they view a digital signage screen.

The newly developed solution, offers similar benefits to online analysis, such as developers working with the likes of Google, for in-store digital signage applications. This delivers interesting data; provides marketing companies, stores and end users with invaluable information – how to target customers, the demographics of purchasers, their age, how long they linger over the product and their facial reactions to an ad. campaign. This gives a better overview of how to market the product or brand.

Recording data of a persons pupil size, hand gestures or the time they spend looking at a product is a good indication of a potential purchase. Previously in-store cameras not only caught thieves, but have also been utilized to capture interested customers. However the software, within the hardware of digital signage solutions, offers more in-depth and detailed statistics, giving clearer images than that of the ceiling mounted security cameras. Is it an invasion of privacy? There are thousands upon thousands of occasions in our daily lives where our images are recorded; whether for security purposes or demographic studies by the government; most of the time we are unaware of the intrusion and get on with life.

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Integrating these business opportunities with this software goes towards providing the customer with direct sales marketing and relevant information, helping and influencing them to make an informed decision. Whether this is for a vehicle purchase or a bottle of perfume, the strategies are the same. This has been highlighted by Android-based software, but it’s only a matter of time before the expansion into other devices and platforms. Getting the hardware and software to merge and create a unified bond brings a reliable product which offers cost effective investment along with superior quality result, now that is digital signage augmentation.

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